Multi-Sector ETF

June 15, 2024 12:04 am
Name of counter
Morgan & Co. Multi-Sector ETF
Short Code
ISIN Number
ZW 000 902 002 6
ZW 17.71
ETF Prospectus
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The Morgan & Co Multi-Sector ETF is Zimbabwe’s first actively managed exchanged traded fund. ETFs are financial instruments that pool stocks with common characteristics and trade on a public exchange. ETFs can be found along the spectrum of active and passive investing styles. The Morgan & Co Multi-Sector ETF is an actively managed ETF with the goal of beating the ZSE All Share while boasting a low-cost structure. The ETF aims to earn alpha for investors by taking long positions in fundamentally undervalued sectors. The ETF is benchmarked against the ZSE All Share Index and is readily available on C-Trade and ZSE.

Asset 1-100

The trustees of Morgan & Co. Made in Zimbabwe exchange Traded Fund Trust collectively and individually, accept full responsibility for the ccuracy of the information contaied in this prospectus.